Strange Wonderland,

"Eu não te culpo. Eu, no seu lugar, faria o mesmo, talvez. É que eu sou uma pessoa difícil de lidar, de conviver, de amar." 

Querido John.  (via pulsos-que—sangram)

"I just fuckin hate when my bff’s stand there talkinh with her friends. And I’m like ” What am I doing here ? “" 


"I hate my self-steem." 

Lonely girl

Miley during the show after the death of her dog Floyd.

"So when the pain is all around
I know how bad you may feel
Keepin’ your feet on the ground
Will bring the best yet in you." 

"Play house, put my favorite record on
Get down, get your crystal method on
You were like tall tan, drivin’ round the city
Flirting with the girls like you’re so pretty
Springsteen’s is the kind don’t ya think ?
I was like hell yeah, that guy can sing." 

Lana Del Rey. 

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